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About Rahbaran

Rahbaran IT Company with twenty years of professional and continuous experience, working on consulting and implementation of enterprise solutions, designing and implementing integrated system of human resource management, financial, administrative and trade in Iran. Rahbaran’s Mission is to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business customers with innovative IT-based solutions.


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Our Products

Rahbaran Company with expertise, experience and knowledge of its human resources and cooperation with reputable international companies, produce IT-based solutions for medium and large organizations and Companies. These products give organizations the flexibility and agility and competitive advantage.

Product Categories

Rahbaran for large and medium enterprises and businesses, offers integrated solutions in the fields of human capital, commercial, administrative and financial. These solutions are integrated with other systems and also in the form of separate modules can be operated.

Rahbaran helps to the Company's business growth, increasing profitability, maximize operational efficiency and control the risks. Rahbaran’s BPMS, support of the design and implementation of processes and process management. This allows customers to be able to model the business process to achieve competitive advantages. With this product, Companies can act more quickly and with less effort to manage and automate their business processes.

Rahbaran with using the latest technologies in the world and in accordance with the laws in Iran and also special regulations for any elections, provide solutions for the electronic elections.

Integration of information across the organization and reporting of the analysis led it to spend less time in response to the requests and business users spend less time searching for information.

Rahbaran provides hardware and software needed to companies.The company is a supplier of data center and network hardware and other essentials.Rahabarn also is the developer of custom software client.

ERP Systems 99%
Software Development 85%
Network Equipment 40%
Data Center 70%

Address :

Floor 2, No.69, Habibzadegan St. , Teymoori St. , Tarasht, Tehran, Iran

Rahbaran IT co. is prepared to cooperate with internationally recognized companies in the IT industry. If your company is interested in operating in Iran, please fill the form or send your proposal via e-mail.